Monday, September 19, 2011

Stewed Brandy Canned Peaches

Stewed Brandy Canned Peaches

These can be used for pies, any dessert, or eaten plain. They are PLAIN delicious. Since you are cooking them on them stove top, the alcohol will evaporate, so they are fine for kids.

8-10 large ripe Peaches

3/4 cup Brandy

1 cup Sugar

½ cup water

2-3 Large Quart sized canning Jars-sterilized

In a water bath (boiling water), cook peaches for about 5 minutes. The more ripe they are the less work it will take to remove the skins. Remove and place into a large pot with cool water. Remove after about 1 minute, and let cool until you can touch the skins. With a pair of metal tongs, start pulling off the skins. They usually peel off very easily, as long as the peaches were ripe. If not, you can use your fingers to give it some help. Once they are peeled, cut your peaches in half, remove pit, and then into large wedges (about 8 pieces per peach).

Add your sliced and peeled peaches to a large pot with a heavy bottom. Add the sugar, water, and brandy. Cook on medium heat for about 20 minutes. Once finished, follow the canning instructions below:

Take Quart sized, already sterilized jars and place peaches up to almost the top, including juices. Place lids and seals on. Cook in medium-high heat in a deep pot (water bath) for about 45 minutes to seal jars. Remove, and let cool. Do not reopen jars, which will break the seals. Label and place in a cool dark place. These will last about 1 year.


  1. This does look delicious and would make a great gift for holidays or to give as a hostess gift!! I bet the brandy gives these peaches such a great flavor!

  2. These sound so good and would be great over ice cream.