Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back on Board Again

Whoah, it's 2012. Some say the world will end this year. me, I really can't say. But until then I'd better get my butt back in gear & start blogging again!

A long vacation & a trip back home can do things to you. Things like make you forget to blog, take pictures, or maintain your website. It also makes you lounge in PJ's longer (no wait-I did that before).

It was great to see family & friends & now that we are back in our home, it's time to implement some of the New Years resolutions we made.

1) An obvious choice: To eat better (duh).

2) Get more exercise. Will start by walking the dog today (maybe).

3) Be a better wife (I'm taking all the Christmas decorations down by myself)...yes, they are still up. Hey, we were ON A TRIP!

4) Get more rest....noooooo, that wasn't on the list. I sleep too much as it is.

And now, some photos for your viewing pleasure....

Elvis, the cutest dog in the world:

And a new hobby I took up over the holidays.......Knitting!

Look at my beautiful blankie I am making (not).


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