Thursday, December 22, 2011

White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut Cookies

White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut Cookies


·    3/4 cup butter-at room temperature

·    3/4 cup white sugar

·    3/4 cup brown sugar

·    2 eggs

·    2 teaspoons pure Vanilla

·    2 tablespoons dark Rum

·    2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

·    1 teaspoon baking soda

·    1 teaspoon Salt

·    1 cup Macadamia nuts

·    2 cups white Chocolate or good quality Vanilla baking chips


In a large bowl cream together the butter and sugars. Beat in the eggs, rum and vanilla.

In a separate bowl, combine the flour, salt and baking soda. Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix well.

Lastly add in the macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips. Chill dough in freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Using a tablespoon measure out a large rounded size spoonful, and place onto a greased baking sheet.

Bake at 375°F for 8 minutes. Cook on pan for 1 minute, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

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  1. I am not a white chocolate fan but seeing your cookies, I guess I need to try these! They look delicious and I almost felt like grabbing one of those...actually more ;-)