Monday, August 13, 2012

Cooking Challenges

I have found cooking for the family lately to be quite a challenge. I'm in my third trimester, and conforming to what expectations I have for myself has been the biggest challenge. The family doesn't necessarily expect me to cook every night, but my mind tells me I need to, it's my responsibility, and I need to take care of my family...despite being quite pregnant with twins.

With two other older children in the house, I'm learning to let go, and trust more. This is easier said than done, especially for control freaks like myself. Things always have to be done a certain way, using a specific method, and come out perfectly. I am starting to accept that this is not only an unreal expectation at this stage in pregnancy, but I'm actually beginning to care that I conform to that expectation less and less. This is a good thing. Necessity over desire.

I've started shifting the home responsibilities over to my hubby, like the grocery shopping, laundry, etc. My oldest, almost 13 year old daughter has been by my side cooking over the years, and is quite capable of following a simple recipe (or more), or taking step-by-step commands from me, whilst laying in the comfort of my bed.

This experience is teaching me the I cannot and should not have to do everything on my own, and there are many people around me who are willing to, and do support me. I just have to let them. So now we play the waiting game till the twins arrive....will it be 5 more weeks or 7-8 more weeks...who knows? Until then, I am resting up, not overdoing it, cooking when I can, and looking to the people who love me to help support me at this time. I am very blessed and thankful!

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