Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Months Project

Start taking the time to take better quality photos. I have a great camera, but multi-tasking while your hands are elbow deep in dough, or you have sauce all over the front of your shirt isn't an easy task. quality photos are as important to the food you create, as the ingredients you put in. This is my project for the month of July....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Penzey's Spices

I just received my first Penzey's Spices order today...whoowhooot! I got a variety of the loose spices (not in labeled jars) which are SUPER cost effective, to replenish my empty bottles. I also bought some new spices in the labeled jars. Penzey's always offers great deals, a monthly coupon, and all of the blends are SALT free! Can't beat that.

Black sesame seeds
Sate Seasoning
BBQ 3000
Northwoods Seasoning
Natural Cocoa
Arizona Dreaming
Adobo Seasoning
Sumac Berries (ground)
Bangkok Blend
Ground Vietnamese Cinnamon
Ground Galangal
Tandoori Seasoning

I am in love with everything 1950-60's...Martini anyone?

Why is it that everything from the 1950's through 60's is so cool? Maybe that's why I have become insatiable with my Hipstamatic Apple app, which creates the most beautiful, cool photos, with a vintage hue!

The only thing that makes me not wish I was born in the 1960's is that I'd be at least 10-25 yrs. older right now! Yeah-I think I'm quite content using my app instead.

In the mood for a martini? I can't handle the "hard stuff", so a chocolate martini is right up my alley:

Chocolate Martini (Serves 3)

In shaker combine:

1 cup crushed ice

6 oz. Crème de Cocao

6 oz. half and half

6 oz. Flavored chocolate-whipped cream vodka

2 squirts of Hershey’s syrup in bottom of glass

Sweet Treats...I mean OBSESSION!

I have Officially become obsessed with everything that is Ice-Cream making. I even pondered whether purchasing 500 -2 quart disposable ice-cream containers for $273 would be too much?? Good lord! I need to slow down. It's just that it's SOOOO much fun! Whipping, and mixing, and dreaming up new flavors...Oh me, Oh my!

Today we made: Cinnamon-with tidbits of cinnamon Graham Crackers, and Black-Cherry Amaretto with little tiny chocolate chip morsels. My favorite so far.

The fresh Strawberry ice cream from yesterday was pretty much heaven too.

Final products....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where's all the real food??

My ice-cream making this week has everyone else in the house thinking "where the hell did all the real food go"? This is just a temporary situation I tell them in response. Trying to whip up a few more quarts for the 4th of July, however coming up with new flavors is addictive. No sooner do you finish one batch, that you dream up another flavor you'd like to try, and won't be satisfied until you sample the final outcome...
So far we've made:

Chocolate Truffle
Peaches and Cream
Chocolate Cherry
and today we will be making Strawberry and Cinnamon, but not mized together.

Chocolate Cherry was my first try without making the egg based custard, which was easier, but I have to say I am more a fan of the thicker base.
The family can hold out for a few more days while I satisfy this new ice-cream making urge can't they? Things will be back to normal soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cuisinart Ice-Cream maker..oh how I love thee!

Used my amazing gift today...Cuisinart 2 1/2 Qt. Ice-cream maker. Made 2 1/2 qt.'s of Vanilla-Blueberry ice-cream....let's just say delicious!! This will be the "blue" in the red, white and blue ice cream for the 4th of July celebration. next will be the Banana-Rum, for the "white". I'm thinking Raspberry-Strawberry for the "red", with chocolate chips???

Can no one give me an amazing banana rum ice cream recipe??