Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living in Montana-and cooking up a STORM

Montana has been such a SURPRISE! First of all, I am a CITY girl through & through! I never thought that Montana would be so beautiful, or that I could be content living in a small town (by my standards). We visited Galcier this summer (amazing), and even just driving outside the city and seeing the Rocky mountains all around you, with snow covered peaks, will never get old.

Our goal is to see as much on this state as we can in the next 4 & a half years, and not to get stuck in the house all winter. The weather is starting to change now, & I can't wait to see the temperature difference & get out and experience some winter sports. Don't miss the Dallas heat-yet-but I probably will later.

I am getting ready to "hunker" (sp?) down and start doing some cooking!

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